Manufacturing Facilities

Kamar uses the modern machining technology to machine parts with highest precisions various CNC turning centers. Including fully automated dual turret lathes machine parts from stock up to four inch in diameter. larger diameter parts can easily be accommodated in our CNC & VMC Lathe. We also utilize several six and eight spindle screw machine with capacities up to 23.1/4 inches in diameter. Our vertical and horizontal CNC machine center is equipped with multiple pallets large enough to machine parts in excess of 300 Lbs. We also have various secondary lathe, Mills and drill presses.

Facilities On Sites


Reason To Purchase Rebar Couplers From Kamar Infrastructure :

Using KAMAR Rebar Splicing offers various advantages over the method of overlapping of reinforcement bars. Some of the prime reasons are as follows.

  • ✦ Splice rebar performs like continuous reinforcement due to mechanical joint,unlike lapping which has complete dependency on concrete.
  • ✦ Steel wastage is reduced significantly ,save lap length steel.
  • ✦ Steel congestion is reduced due to elimination of laps .This also aides in proper flow of concrete in the critical zones and hence improves the quality of the overall structure .
  • ✦ Using couplers provides superior cyclic performance as compared to lap joint it also allows greater flexibility for the designer.
  • ✦ It is possible to easily verify joint strength in case of coupler as compared to lap splice where testing is cumbersome and not regulated.
  • ✦ For the contractor usage of coupler reduces labour cost for installation and handling of steel. The construction schedule is improved and there is saving on valuable crane time on project.
  • ✦ In last steel wastage and lap is reduced that is definitely save MONEY AND PRECIOUS TIME .