Kamar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. caters to the need of mechanical splicing system technology for the construction industry. Our solutions offer connection of rebars with mechanical couplers over tradition lap splicing methods for bars ranging from 12mm to 50mm.

KAMAR Couplers over traditional methods

  • ❉   Reducing rebar congestion in reinforced columns an improving flow of concrete.
  • ❉   Eliminating cavities of honeycomb in concrete element.
  • ❉   Insufficient spacing for lap splicing of rebars.
  • ❉   Speed in construction of projects and reducing size of concrete section and pillars.
  • ❉   Connecting precast members with full tension splice.
  • ❉   Avoid use of expensive starter rebar box and protecting expensive formwork from being damaged by starter bars.
  • ❉   Reduce steel consumption, labor cost and accelerating job schedule with easier coupling.
  • ❉   More reliable than lap splicing as mechanical splices doesn't depend on concrete for load transfer.
  • ❉   High tensile and compression capacity of reinforced structure maintaining greater structural integrity where design structure demand high tensile load capabilities.

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